Chapter 2 (continued)
United Kingdom/Ireland

Our 67 day Expedition Cruise

Sunday 23 Sept
Derry (Londonderry), Northern Ireland

We took a bus trip to the Giant's Causeway (look up Finn MacCool for the legend) in absolutely to-die-for weather.

On the way we had a quick photo stop at a castle ruin - everyone did the usual tourist jump-off-the-bus-and-take-pictures-quick thing.

Our guide for the day, who was very good but never really stopped talking, gave us a pretty complete history of the area. He was especially adamant that we understand the Troubles so that when we returned to town and were able to see the murals in Bogside (see below), we would know what they meant.


Giant's Causeway was spectacular; I realized that sometimes it will be worth taking these excursions just for the opportunity to get out of the city. I walked the cliffs above the beach and got some good pictures, although I later ruined one by accidentally saving the email version (teeny!!). I will try to replace it with someone else's.







Dancers entertained us in the afternoon, and we had a little time to visit the Castle Museum, which had special opening hours for us until 3:00 - we arrived at 2:00. An exhibit about a sunken ship from the Spanish Armada and its recovery was fascinating and there was a wonderful exhibit about the origins and history of Derry, including the "Troubles".




We took a walk around the Londonderry walls and found a good Sunday pub lunch without getting rained on too much.











Good views of Bogside and its Murals


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